• Milestone13_12

    Milestone 2013

    Photo: Nicole Loginger

    Lag EM 2013

  • 2012_45


            Photo: Steve Emter     Photo: Wien Ubachs   Photo: Chris Ganz     Photo: Matt Rice Photo: Carl Stone..

    Italien 2012

  • 2011_01


    Photo: Wien Ubachs        Photo: Enzo Tempestino       Photo: Jonas Hagren     Photo: Carl Stone    ..


  • 2017

    (Svensk version längre ner) So the season of 2017 is over. It has been a tough year for me and it didn’t go as planned. When I decided to race the swedish championship I thought I was going to be able to train hard and ride a lot more than I have been able to. […]

  • 2nd overall 

    (Svensk version längre ner) Hi, Last weekend I did the 5th round of the swedish championship at Varberg.  Started out with a 5th place in time practice which was one of my better quali times this year.  First moto I got a good jump of the gate and I was first in to the turn […]

  • Swedish championship round 3/ SM i Ulricehamn

    (Svensk version längre ner)  Last weekend I rode the third round of the swedish championship on a nice sand track in Ulricehamn.  I started out with a 5th place in time practice which was alright. Didn’t really get a clean lap but it was still a pretty good time.  In first moto i got a […]